Franc Vila

Usually the history of the greatest brands starts with a dream, and FRANC VILA is not different. Its history is the one of the passion of a child whose love for high-end watchmaking started when he saw his father’s stopped automatic watch coming to life. Franc Vila got warmed up for high-end watchmaking when his father told him that the watch only ran when in contact with humans. Thereby he understood that there is a magic relationship between the men and watches, and that are we who give them life. At that time he didn’t know where he would be driven by his astonishment. Today, though the child is an adult and his mission is clear, his sight is still the one of that child who, collector of watches and other art objects, dreamed up his ideal watch. But his dream was not fulfilled and after studying biochemicals, fine arts and philosophy, Franc Vila embarked on the realisation of his passion: To create the watch of his dreams.