Concord was founded in Biel, Switzerland in 1908. The corporation acquired the traditional Swiss luxury brand in the early 1970s, and has now relaunched Concord as a dynamic and highly original niche brand. A new century brings new times and new aspirations. Concord has made a drastic about-face in terms of innovation and creativity to flaunt a new identity that moves away from its roots. With the energy of MGI Luxury Group as its driving force, the brand is embracing the challenge of a bold repositioning strategy that breaks with its past. Concord’s new face clearly expresses its character, sweeping away watchmaking conformism. Concord brings an avant-garde vision of watch construction to international watchmaking circles — original and demanding, it calls on the best of Swiss watchmaking crafts: The watch has been laid bare and completely stripped down so that each of its parts could be re-thought. Concord is reconstructing time, clearly placing its extraordinary creations in the 21st century.