Avakian jewellery and watches incorporate only the finest metals and stones into contemporary and uncluttered designs. Swiss jeweller Edmond Avakian owes his success to a combination of personality, talent for design and keen business acumen. Starting in 1976, he headed the business in Beirut and started in 1985 in Geneva, where the headquarters and the main facilities are based. But when he arrived in Geneva in 1985, he took the zenith of the world jewellers by storm. Edmond Avakian’s passion for great art shines through his jewellery, which is inspired by architectural style and art history, with a strong mix of Latin and Oriental influences. The quest for perfection has established Edmond Avakian at the forefront of internationaljewellery design as an independent and original thinker. True work of arts, the new Avakian collection has been streamlined to include only the most superlative lines – a secure indication that only the best and the most exclusive will do.